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NFT Art Museum

We are just 3 friends, a Venezuelan, a Grenadian and a Cuban-Venezuelan, who happened to have travelled a lot and met many amazing people all over the world, been cryptocurrency enthusiast, we decided to start this project in order to show the art of our friends (artist) in a blockchain environment to the world.

The project has already started to expand and we are getting new artists interested to participate, we aim to provide access to beautiful art pieces to thousands of people around the world trough several free drops for each one of our collections.

We really hope you will enjoy this journey with us, we will put our best to achieve it.


How did a big dream began

In October 12, 2019 three entrepreneurs joined with a common goal: help wonderful artists to reach its place within de digital art world.

A tipping point

November, 2020 – Some people left the project… a new team was arising.

Reengineering Time

Crypto assets and NFTs comes into play.

Here you can tell whatever story you want to.